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Break-time Activities

In-class Interaction

Group Practice

SURREALM combines the most intuitive emoji used in modern digital communication, so that those who are not good at words can give feedback freely; the grouping function allows employees to discuss and collaborate in class, between and after classes. Business interactions change rapidly that is why cultivating good working communication is a common goal that requires continuous efforts.


Personal Avatar

Business V-card*

Personal Curriculum

In this highly digitized era, account password is more than just a string of numbers, but a way to connect with another parallel universe. Interact with each other as avatars shorten the distance between individuals. Through business V-card management, we communicate and experience through our digital identities which had become an inseparable part of the continuation of reality.


Smart Note

Learning Journey

PhantoME* tutor

Knowledge acquired has to be internalized through actual drills or machine operations. However, due to various restrictions, exercises are often merely slogans. SURREALM uses VR to simulate real situations for practice. The whole process will be recorded to facilitate the review after every exercise and carried out meta-cognitive teaching with PhantoMe tutor function.


Access From Anywhere

Professional Presentation

Class Management

Providing the right contexts and professional tools during training not only help to learn and understand but also make it easier to internalize and apply in practice in the future. SURREALM allows workforce training to be carried out across spaces, and resources and time are used more effectively. Through the highly immersive characteristics of virtual reality, we provide ideal training fields that can be utilized without affecting operations.

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